Underrated Books Project: The Archived by Victoria Schwab

Friday, October 02, 2015

Do you ever finish a book and love it so much you can't wait to talk with people about it? But then you go through the tumblr tag and see that the fandom consists of like 4 people and a shoelace? 
This has happened to me way too often. It will probably happen again and again. So to share my love for some books and maybe expand the fandom, I decided to present you a couple of my favourite underrated books. Today on the menu: The Archived by Victoria Schwab. 

The Archived is the first book in Victoria Schwab's YA fantasy trilogy.

The story's protagonist is teenage girl Mackenzie Bishop, who is what you call a Keeper. Her job is to collect Histories, which are the soul-like remains of dead people, and get them to the Archive.
After her brother's death, Mac moves with her family to a new place, where she discovers that a History was killed in her own room. Additionally the Histories in the Archive go crazy, and Mac tries to find out what the heck is happening. 

Sounds intriguing? Yes? No? Well, let me tell you what I loved about the book.

  1. The concept. I've never read a book with such an interesting world-building, it's so unique and creative. Sure, there was a lot information to take in at first and was a bit confusing, but once you got it, it was super refreshing. 
  2. The protagonist, Mac. She's one of my favourite MCs ever. She's just such a complex and round character. She's not perfect, she has flaws. But that made her so real and believable, it was so easy to slip into her shoes. Plus, she's also a sarcastic badass.
  3. Wesley Ayers. He's Mac's new best friend love-interest, and probably the most important YA male character ever. He's not an asshole or the usual 'bad guy', he's super sweet and caring. He's one of the most considerate, understand and genuinely respectful guys in the YA genre. No matter what, he's always there for Mac and supports her. He also wears fucking eyeliner and does her makeup, and he doesn't make a huge deal about. He's just perfect.

So, there's that. Sidemark: the plots is a bit confusing and slow at the start, but it soon picks up. The second books, The Unbound, is even better than the first one. The third one was not published yet, Victoria Schwab said it will 100% come out one day, but as she's working on three other series she's not sure when exactly. 
If any of this interested you, PLEASE get the books. The fandom needs more people.

Her exams start next week again so she doesn't get to read as much as she would like. But Halloween is starting soon, and she can't decide about which fictional character to dress up as. Any ideas?
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