I'm Naban, a 15 year old girl residing in the middle of nowhere (aka Maldives) whose sidekick is procrastination. I'll read anything that tickles my fancy as long as it suits my mood, and there's nothing I love more than getting lost in a book and being swept off by new fictional worlds.

When I'm not reading, reviewing and blogging, you'll find me tearing my hair out in frustration while staring at my school work, binge-watching TV shows, listening to music, putting my ghastly drawing skills into action and going absolutely haywire.  I like pie.

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Well, hello there~ (I like this greeting because it can be either very nice or remarkably creepy depending on what tone you choose to imagine it in... ehehe) *ahem* Anyways, I'm Connie, a high school student from California. I'm pretty terrible at introductions (among other things), but here are the basics about me:

A mildly addicted buyer and avid reader of books. Aspiring writer and/or Shadowhunter and/or warrior princess. Possesses questionable social skills. Home to a nonexistent work ethic, unless you count an unstoppable determination to procrastinate. Very prone to poorly-timed sarcasm. Am still waiting for my novelesque adventure into a world of magic. Partial to adorable Pokemon, green tea, and intersectional feminists.                                                  
You can find me on Goodreads, Twitter, and at my own blog, The YA Book Thief.

Hey y'all! I'm Claudia,  a fourteen-year-old girl who loves to read and vastly prefers books over people.

I'm big on doodling so if you ever visit my house, chances are you'll find paper everywhereAnd I mean everywhere.

I'd like to think I'm somewhat funny, but I think we all know the truth. Mildly entertaining, maybe. But funny? Hahaha no.
Books are my treasure and my greatest pride, but be warned: if you touch them, you might lose a finger. Just sayin'.

I'm somewhat of an awkward turtle so if you ever talk to me, don't get put off by my silence. I'm just thinking of a way to continue the conversation without being more awkward than I already am.

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Hi there! I'm Maggi, I'm 17 and I don't know what I would do without books and tv shows.

You will always find me reading some book, because it's all that I do. I read to escape reality, to travel to an alternative universe, to meet new people, to experience emotions I have yet to discover and in the end to understand humanity and the world.

A year or something ago I discovered Goodreads and the joy of actually reviewing the books I read. Since then I ramble on and on about my fictional boyfriends on the internet.

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