In search of a lovely co-blogger / co-bloggers!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

    (NOTE: Applications are closed! I have chosen my co-bloggers. Thank you everyone.)

Well, this was bound to happen.

I'm currently on break but once school re-opens life is going to go back to being crazy, and I don't want to let this blog slip away like I almost let it. I've been fretting about this and finally decided a team is what I need.

This blog isn't at its healthiest these days, so I'm looking for one, or as much as three co-bloggers who will work together to make this blog lively once again.

Some things to think about

- .I normally post on a three day basis and I'd like for you to contribute to at least one of those posts. I am not crazy about schedules, but I will be contacting you with the details if you get selected to be a co-blogger.

- This is a YA book blog for the most part so you should, more or less be interested in YA fiction.

- I'm not fussy when it comes to posting regularly (check above) but please don't suddenly disappear into thin air. Let me know beforehand if you're going away / will be unable to post. I won't bite.

- You should have a GoodReads and Twitter account.

- You may cross-post your reviews on GoodReads, Amazon, etc but NOT on any other blogs as it will just lead to confusion.

- Please respond as soon as you can on Twitter and Google+ Hangouts. I'm not saying you have to reply instantly but I wouldn't want to wait three days wondering why you haven't replied. 

- You are allowed to use the blog's statistics to request review copies and you will also have access to my eARCs

- You've got a friend in me. I promise I'm nice, and (if there are more co-bloggers ) I'll make sure the others are nice too. Isn't that great? We can totally build castles and sing songs and fangirl when we aren't blogging. Or while we are blogging.

If you're interested, please fill in and submit the form below: