Letters To Characters (Part 2)

Monday, July 06, 2015

Once upon a time when the Earth was still young and clad in its microscopic diaper, I wrote a handful of letters to some characters. (It's quite embarrassing really, but hey, I was a few months younger).

Assuming it isn't obvious enough, this is basically a topic under which I express my feelings towards random characters of my choice and call them 'letters' so I can go on with my life and live happily with my sanity intact.

So, yeah.

1. The Fill-in Boyfriend - Gia Montgomery

Dear Gia,

First and foremost, why the hell would you go as far as getting a fill-in boyfriend when you could simply have told your friends that the real boyfriend broke up with you, like, just now? Maybe that would create drama but I'm pretty sure it would be less drama than what your little act lead to.

Are you too cool for logic? Is that it?

I don't even know how you earned a place in the realm of  Kasie West contemporaries which is full of nothing but amazing characters like Caymen and Charlie who are both intelligent and lovable.

Damn that boy of yours too - who in his right mind agrees to be a fill-in boyfriend for a completely random stranger?

With love,
Not someone who likes you that's for sure

2.  The Lunar Chronicles - Queen Levana

Dear Queen Levana,

So is your death.

While your story is incredibly sad and pulled a few heart strings, you are a complete asshole. Worse yet, a psychopathic one and it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

I feel bad for Winter and everyone else who had to suffer because of you.

You're a fantastically portrayed villain, and you deserve what's coming for you, just so.

The team is going to beat you to a pulp and maybe they'll be in a good mood and let you use your own blood as a pretty rogue for your lips. Right before they put you to eternal sleep.

This is just a friendly reminder.

A hater

3. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Simon and Blue

Dear Simon and Blue,

The two of you are the most adorable little things, ever.

Because of you, I spent a whole day being a happy little pumpkin while stuffing my face with oreos and dwelling on the great things life has to offer. I hadn't been that happy in a long time.

I hope you guys continue to send each other adorable emails (pretending to be anonymous this time) just to keep it going as your own little joke.

P.S do you think you could send me copies of your email conversations?

P.P.S in case you are about to dismiss me as a creep just now, it is purely for scientific purposes.

With oodles of love,
I, a happy girl

4.  A Song of Ice and Fire - Sansa Stark

Dear Sansa,

Maybe I let go of my wits and caught up on the TV series before I managed to gobble up the books, and maybe I like you now, but in the beginning, I almost hated you as much as I hate Joffrey.


But then things happened, I started liking you, admittedly, with a few suspicious glances here and there, and I have to admit I really like where you're heading off.

Show them you're more than just a pretty little lemon cake, oh yas.

And please don't die.

With love,
Kind of

5. The Raven Cycle - Ronan Lynch

Dear Ronan,



Really though, sometimes I just want to hug you although I'm pretty sure that would warrant a fatal punch to the face, but whatever.

Please kiss Adam or better yet, get kissed by him. 

My inner fangirl needs it. WE all need it.

A [more or less] distressed fangirl

On another note, no, I didn't fall into Tartarus on my way to making a new blog post. (I heard that sigh of disappointment!) 

Life happened, my exams and stuff didn't go well, more life happened, and my spirits took a plunge downwards and I just didn't have it in me to do much except wallow in self pity. Buuuut, it was a matter of time before I started to miss the blogosphere and all of you lovely people.

Long story short, here I am after what I would like to call a little break, currently considering getting a co-blogger to help me around. I missed you all, I did. *hugs*