The co-bloggers!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Almost a year ago, I hopelessly started a blog named The Literary Oracle.  A month ago, I was hopelessly trying to keep the blog running. A few days ago, I hopelessly started my hunt for for co-bloggers. And today, I'm happy to announce that Quite Literary has become the happiest little blog ever with three other bloggers to take care of it..and it's just kind of..bittersweet...*sniffles* little baby...

I haven't known these lovely ladies for long, but it's already pretty clear that they're the best. The I'd totally share my food with you kind of best. We're going to create such beautiful havoc together. (And yes, it didn't work any other way. I had to quote Morpheus).

Without further due, say hello to:


Hi, I'm Maggi, a book addict, and proud of it. I read every kind of genre, but fantasy is my passion. I fall in love with fictional characters and eventually get my heart broken. And I'm calling dibs on Chaol Westfall!

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Hey y'all! I'm Claudia, a fourteen-year-old girl who loves to read and vastly prefers books over people. I'm big on doodling so if you ever visit my house, chances are you'll find paper everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I'd like to think I'm somewhat funny, but I think we all know the truth. Mildly entertaining, maybe. But funny? Hahaha no. Books are my treasure and my greatest pride, but be warned: if you touch them, you might lose a finger. Just sayin'.

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A mildly addicted buyer and avid reader of books. Aspiring writer and/or Shadowhunter and/or warrior princess. Possesses questionable social skills. Home to a nonexistent work ethic, unless you count an unstoppable determination to procrastinate. Very prone to poorly-timed sarcasm. Am still waiting for my novelesque adventure into a world of magic. Partial to adorable Pokemon, green tea, and intersectional feminists. 

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A huge thanks to everyone who applied and everyone who helped spread the word. You know who you are, and you're amazing. *hugs*

Keep an eye out for some fabulous upcoming posts by Maggi, Claudia and Connie. And the same old me as well, of course.

descriptionNaban is currently tending to her ice cream cravings and tutting at the ongoings of Daughter of Deep Silence. She is having the hardest time making any progress and it doesn't help that she feels like a reading slump is on its way.

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